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The Prior of the Christian Soldier is very involved in a number of charities throughout the Southern California area as well as within the Middle East.

One of the Priory's leading charity is 'Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs (TLCAD), Inc.

Tender Loving Canines began as a small non-profit, all volunteer organization in 1998 with a goal to train Service Dogs for those seeking a fuller, more independent life. At the time, the demand was for dogs who could assist with mobility, seizures, cerebral palsy, Tourette's and hearing issues. Responding to the needs of our changing world, TLCAD now endeavors to focus their high standards of Service Dog training in two specific arenas. The first of these is the Leash-On-Life Program, developed to assist children and families who have been impacted by autism. The second is the At Ease Program, created to serve the needs of our country's Wounded Warriors.

Both programs are distinct and yet share similarities. Both are worlds of their own. Both benefit from the gift of a dog whose instincts and abilities have been schooled for service. TLCAD starts with the centuries old belief that a dog is mankind's true companion...and the benefits begin almost immediately.

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 Another major charity that the Priory of the Christian Soldier supports is one dealing with the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

Hope of Iraqi Christians is a charity group spearheaded by the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St Peter the Apostle in El Cajon, California. The Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St Peter the Apostle serves as the lead (in conjunction with other allied organizations), with a long history of providing humanitarian relief going back to September 11, 2001. Since the 2003 Iraqi War, the Chaldean Catholic Diocese has assisted over 40,000 refugees in assimilating into the United States. Today, the Priory of the Christian Soldier has joined with this great organization in supporting 'Hope for Iraqi Christians' pursuit of supporting needy Iraqi Christian refugees  with prayers, financial support and relief for the innocent suffering at the hands of ISIS.

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